Machiya 4
Kyoto, Japan

The fourth in a series of renovations of uninhabited Machiya in a neighborhood just north of Gion in Kyoto, this house is over 120 years old. It had been neglected after being inhabited for over 60 years by the same client. The new client wanted a tearoom, but a separate structure was impossible. Therefore, a small area of the 6 mat room on the first floor can now be turned into a Mizu-ya by simply lifting a floor panel to expose a sink while also creating a temporary partition between the 1½ mat Mizuya and the 4½ mat tea room. When not in use, the floor panel can be lowered to return the room to the original 6 mat size. A new bath was also added, placed as a modern object in the back garden, keeping with the tradition of the typical Kyoto Machiya.